Our Heritage


Establishment of Vaillant as a craft workshop for installation work. A 23 year old tailor's son declares in the newspaper in Remschied that he has 'established himself as a coppersmith and pump manufacturer'.


Patent for gas bath boiler 'closed system'. This boiler permits heating water in a hygienic way for the first time, without the combustion gases condensing into the a water. The temperature of the water can also be controlled. This is a groundbreaking innovation in the field of heating technology.


Johann Vaillant adopts the 'Easter gunny in an egg' as the trademark for Vaillant. This makes him one of the pioneers in the field of branded products in the German consumer goods industry. The Vaillant bunny is today the most familiar heating technology trademark in Europe.


Wall-hung version of the Vaillant gas bath boiler 'Geyser' conquers the world. There is enough space in virtually any room for the convenient hot water preperation system. An innovation which survives to the present day.


Vaillant develops a central heating boiler. It was previously necessary to have an oven or fireplace in each room and this innovation allows heating of all the rooms in a house from a central location. It is now only necessary to have radiators in the rooms.


Vaillant introduces another innovation onto the marketplace under the name of 'Circo-Geyser MAG-C 20'. The first wall-hung gas fired circulation water heater.


The 'Combi-Geyser VCW 20' combines, for the first time, heating and hot water supply in a single unit. An innovation which the sector continues to use today. The unit also impresses with short heating times and the heat output being matched to the demand.


Vaillant offers the first room-air independent wall-hung boiler with a fan. The room where the boiler is hanging no longer needs continuous positive ventilation. The oxygen required for combustion is drawn in from outside. New application technologies are possible.


Introduction of the Termoblock range with stainless steel heat-exchanger, continuous modulation (40-100%) and electronic ignition. These innovations result in longer working life, reduced consumption and comfortable operation of the equipment.


Vaillant sets new standards with the introduction of the low toxcitiy Thermoblock. Thi is the first fully mixing atmospheric burner with water cooling in the world.


Completion of the product range by solar thermal systems for heating drinking water. An initial important step in the expansion of the range of systems based on renewable energy sources.


Launch of the Vaillant Compact Unit range. The system combines the heating boiler and domestic hot water cylinder in a compact optimally-matched component group. This ensures efficient operation and simple installation.


Vaillant is the first company to start a Europe wide field testing programme for fuel-cell boilers called the 'Virtual Fuel Cell Power Plant'. 10 European partners participate in the project and it has a value of 8.6 million euros.


Vaillant sets the standard for remote monitoring and control of boilers, heat pumps and solar systems with the on-line communication sytem vrnetDialog. For the first time it is possible to monitor and adjust a heating system from afar.


Introduction of the oil-fired condensing boiler icoVIT with optimum energy utilisation and low toxcity combustion. This generation of equipment makes oil a real alternative to gas condensing technology from the point of view of emissions.


The production of their own air-water heat pumps means that Vaillant is extending the product range of systems for renewable energies. The Vaillant heat pump achieves winner status in consumer goods tests (Stiftung Warentest)


The entire ecoTEC range of domestic boilers is awarded the coveted which? Best buy award


Vaillant's world class research and development expertise comes to the fore as the innovative zeolite is launched. The entire ecoTEC range of domestic boiler is awarded the coveted which? Best buy award


The new generation of ecoTEC boilers was launched. The entire ecoTEC range of domestic boilers is awarded the coveted which? Best buy award


Vaillant's brand new range of large output Commercial boilers is launched. Vaillant launches the innovative aroTHERM hybrid system which automatically selects between the use of a domestic boiler and air to water heat pump to always provide cost effective heating and hot water.


The entire ecoTEC range of domestic boilers is awarded the Quiet Mark approval, making them the first heating technology product to recieve the accolade. Vaillant is also awarded the prestigious Superbrands title, joining other brands such as British Airways, Coca-Cola and Rolls Royce.

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