aroSTOR floor-standing units (200 L, 270 L)

aroSTOR hot water heat pump

Most sustainable water heating with environmental heat

  • Perfect for new construction and modernisation – hot water for up to six persons
  • Protect the climate – with new, eco-friendly refrigerant technology
  • Save energy – without operating noise
  • Become more independent of the energy market - by combining with solar or photovoltaics
  • Take advantage of the additional cooling function



Eco-friendly water heating for all needs

Whether you are modernising a single-family house or building a new one, with our new aroSTOR hot water heat pump, you can use the air as a renewable heat source for an eco-friendly and efficient hot water supply. The aroSTOR comes as either a floor-standing or a wall-mounted unit. The floor-standing models are available with output ratings of 200 and 270 litres, to meet the hot-water requirements of up to six persons without difficulty. For low to moderate needs, we offer you our wall-mounted devices with output ratings of 100 and 150 litres.

Made for the climate requirements of tomorrow

Thanks to the new natural refrigerant R290, your choice of the aroSTOR is a safe investment, as it is built to fulfil the more stringent future standards of the European F-gas Regulation for climate protection. Enjoy the best comfort with a clear conscience at all times.

Proven efficient, convincingly quiet

With the aroSTOR hot water heat pump, you transform 1 kWh of electric energy into over 3 kWh of thermal energy for water heating. A look at the efficiency label confirms this: with its A+ energy efficiency class, the aroSTOR stands up to any comparison. Likewise for operating noise: with a maximum sound pressure level of 41 db(A) at a distance of one metre, the aroSTOR is quieter than a modern refrigerator – and can therefore be installed in your living space without any problem.

Even better with solar electricity

The aroSTOR can be combined especially easily with a photovoltaic system. This gives you the advantage of being able to use self-generated electricity year-round. As soon as the sun delivers enough energy, the photovoltaic system’s energy manager switches the aroSTOR on. The result: with the aroSTOR, you reduce not only your CO2 footprint, but also your energy costs.

Use the aroSTOR for cooling as well

If the aroSTOR is located in a room, you can conduct the cool exhaust air via an air exhaust duct into another room – the pantry, for example, to keep food fresh longer.


Unit aroSTOR VWL B 270
Grade of domestic hot water comfort DHW Comfort up to 6 people
Sound power 50 dB
Sound pressure (1 meter) 40 dB
Energy efficiency for hot water (A++ to G) as per European norm (ERP label) A+
Annual COP 3,5 (A14/W10-55)
Max. water temperature range 30 to 60 °C
Temperature of heating source (min./max.) -7 / 35 °C
Dimensions Ø / H 270l: Ø634 H1783; Ø630 H1748 (with coil)
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