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The Vaillant Group is an international family-owned company with 40 years of tradition.

Our core business is heating technology. With annual sales of approximately €2.3 billion, the Vaillant Group is the second-largest European company in this branch. In addition, the Vaillant Group is active in the branches of ventilation and air-conditioning technology. With more than 12,000 employees we develop and manufacture our products at 12 sites in six European countries and China. The Vaillant Group sells them via own sales companies in more than 20 countries. Furthermore, we export our products in more than 60 countries.

The Vaillant Group organisation

The organisation of the Vaillant Group stands out for its clear assignment of responsibilities and flat hierarchies, which enable decisions to be taken and implemented speedily. The basis of the company's organisational alignment are our brands, which are clearly positioned in their respective market segments.

Customer orientation, flexibility, speed and a high demand on quality are the company's main factors of success. In addition, synergies within the Vaillant Group are used consistently and must be guarantee to be applied in the best possible way.

The Vaillant Group in figures

The Vaillant Group has been active in the heating, air-conditioning and ventilation technology sectors for 140 years. As a family-owned company, we count sustainable, long-term thinking and acting among our main factors of success.

We offer energy-efficient products and systems worldwide. Our success proves that we are right: In the challenging market environment of 2012, the Vaillant Group has reinforced its strong position as the second-largest company in the European heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry. With net sales of €2,331 million, we have been able to exceed the previous year’s performance. We have also been successful in increasing our market share in important markets and business segments.

Vision and values of Vaillant Group

We aim to be the leading provider of environmentally friendly, energy-saving heating, cooling and hot water solutions that are simple to operate. Our goal is sustainable and profitable growth for our family-owned company. Our vision is the basis of the company's strategy. With this objective-setting we aim to ensure growth and increase the company value. Our focus here is on energy-efficient systems.

Our activities in this sector already make a considerable contribution to the sales of the Vaillant Group. Due not least to the politically and socially driven expansion of environment-friendly technologies, we expect positive developments in this sector to continue. Reliability, continuity and trust are the qualities that link family-owned companies with consumers and also job applicants. A corporate policy focused on long-term development is characteristic of many successful family companies.

The Vaillant Group has been in family ownership since its founding 140 years ago. The owners assume entrepreneurial responsibility in our Partners' Board, Supervisory Board and the Partners' Meeting.

The company strategy is laid down by the Management Board in close consultation with the Partners' Board. The focus is not on short-term success, but on the long-term increase of the company's value. Principles of good and responsible company management are an essential element of our strategy and fundamental for the cooperation within the Vaillant Group and between the Management Board and the supervisory bodies. So logically the Vaillant Group fulfils the German Corporate Governance Code in its version of 6 June 2008.

The basis of our success is committed employees and a corporate culture based on common values.


The Vaillant history stretches back to the year 1874 when the company was founded by Johann Vaillant in Remscheid, Germany. Ever since then, Vaillant has been a market leader in the heating and ventilation technology industry.

2013 Exhibition ship MS Vaillant tours Europe

Under the slogan "Energy on the move", Vaillant is bringing the energy transition at home from March to September 2013. In more than 50 European towns, installers and interested consumers are able to visit the 100-meter-long exhibition ship to find out about the energy savings modern heating technology can offer.

2012 Foundation of Vaillant Group International GmbH in Remscheid.

In November 2012 Vaillant Group International GmbH was founded with its side in Remscheid.The Vaillant Group International GmbH represents all the company's brands in countries where so far no separate Vaillant Group sales company is presented. The aim is to develop new and existing markets for the company. Sales office resp. branch in Minsk and Dubai as well as sales representatives in Portugal and Finland support this aim locally

2012 Hybrid system unites heat pumps and boiler technology

In August 2012, Vaillant begins the production of a new hybrid heat pump system. The compact heat pump integrates renewable energy into existing buildings and systems at low investment costs. The heat pump operates in combination with a condensing boiler for maximum energy efficiency.
3kW heat pump and ecoTEC plus - an unbeatable team

2011 Control comfort intuitively - calorMATIC

Vaillant has a long tradition of producing user-friendly boilers. The new generation of controls, calorMATIC, continues this tradition and points the new way forward by taking into account consumers' individual needs. With its modern, intuitive settings, the calorMATIC achieves the desired room temperature. Quickly and easily, with a turn & click switch and standardised buttons. Personal and intuitive - the calorMATIC room temperature control.

2011 Family power station for your home

The ecoPOWER 1.0 micro-CHP system offers alternative energy for every household. It produces both warmth and electricity, and was designed exclusively for detached houses or homes split into two flats. Vaillant is thus making a technology available that has long been lacking on the market. The intelligent, pre-defined all-round system is environmentally friendly and extremely efficient. The ecoPOWER 1.0 micro-CHP system -for the home and the family.

2010 zeoTHERM: small, effective, efficient

Vaillant sets new standards with the zeoTHERM zeolite-gas heat pump. For the first time ever, households can now make use of the natural heating properties of zeolite and water. This technological revolution is ground-breaking for the market: not only does the heat pump save energy, it also has a low level of CO2 emissions. Saving money - and protecting the environment.

2007 Premiere on the Asian market

Vaillant is developing, Asia is developing. Combining the two is an obvious step! With the opening of a plant in Wuxi in China, Vaillant can now operate on the Asian-Pacific market

2001 A brand becomes a Group

The brands within the new Group continue to be marketed separately in various European countries. To complement the Vaillant brand, the company acquires targeted brands to extend their brand portfolio and meet differing market conditions.

1999 An anniversary - lots of reasons to celebrate

With 40 million boilers sold, Vaillant celebrates its 125th anniversary and receives the German Quality Award.

1997 Introduction of solar thermal systems

By introducing solar thermal systems for domestic hot water, Vaillant further extends its product portfolio in the field of renewable energy. An important step for the future.

1995 Development and production under one roof

Vaillant develops and manufactures his first wall-hung boiler, and launches it on the market. Once again, the brand thus succeeds in positioning itself as pioneer in a new environmentally-friendly field of technology.

1991 New thermoblock especially environmentally friendly

With the new, low-emission thermoblock, Vaillant sets early standards in the field of environmental impact. The boiler is valued for its low emission rate. Success proves Vaillant is on the right track: new branches are opened in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Turkey.

1970 Vaillant travels the world

With branches in the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, France, Great Britain and Italy, Vaillant begins to enjoy ever-increasing international popularity for guaranteeing comfort in the home. By 1972, Vaillant has already sold eight million units.

1967 Heating and hot water combined intelligently

Vaillant succeeds in uniting heating and hot water in a single, compact, wall-hung "Combi-Geyser VCW 20" boiler. The boiler proves its worth with its short heating up time and adjustable heat output.

1961 Wall-hung Geyser revolutionises the market

Vaillant redefines the technologically possible, and launches the innovative and space-saving "Circo-Geyser MAG-C 20" on the market -the world's first wall-hung boiler.

1924 Central heating - an invention by Vaillant

Up to now, rooms had to be heated individually with stoves or fireplaces. With the central heating boiler and its associated system, it is now possible for the first time to heat several radiators via one central distributor. Vaillant blazes a trail again.

1905 The next great idea creates space in the bathroom

Vaillant is the first manufacturer to produce a wall-hung bathwater heater, and this invention creates more space in the bathroom.

1899 A bunny becomes the face of a brand

One Easter Sunday, while flicking through a magazine, Johann Vaillant sees a picture of a bunny hatching from an egg - and instantly knows that the bunny will be his trademark. Like the company itself, this trademark has been modernised several times over the years, and is now the best-known logo in the field of heating technology in all Europe.

1894 The first ground-breaking innovation

With the "closed system" gas bathwater heater, Johann Vaillant revolutionises the market for good. For the first time ever, water is heated by a gas flame as it flows through a closed pipe - without coming into contact with harmful gases: a revolution in the bathroom.

1874 The opening chapter of a great story

Johann Vaillant, the tenth child in his family, founds his own workshop as copper beater and pump maker in 1874. The start of a great success story.

Our Heritage


Establishment of Vaillant as a craft workshop for installation work. A 23 year old tailor's son declares in the newspaper in Remschied that he has 'established himself as a coppersmith and pump manufacturer'.


Patent for gas bath boiler 'closed system'. This boiler permits heating water in a hygienic way for the first time, without the combustion gases condensing into the a water. The temperature of the water can also be controlled. This is a groundbreaking innovation in the field of heating technology.


Johann Vaillant adopts the 'Easter gunny in an egg' as the trademark for Vaillant. This makes him one of the pioneers in the field of branded products in the German consumer goods industry. The Vaillant bunny is today the most familiar heating technology trademark in Europe.


Wall-hung version of the Vaillant gas bath boiler 'Geyser' conquers the world. There is enough space in virtually any room for the convenient hot water preperation system. An innovation which survives to the present day.


Vaillant develops a central heating boiler. It was previously necessary to have an oven or fireplace in each room and this innovation allows heating of all the rooms in a house from a central location. It is now only necessary to have radiators in the rooms.


Vaillant introduces another innovation onto the marketplace under the name of 'Circo-Geyser MAG-C 20'. The first wall-hung gas fired circulation water heater.


The 'Combi-Geyser VCW 20' combines, for the first time, heating and hot water supply in a single unit. An innovation which the sector continues to use today. The unit also impresses with short heating times and the heat output being matched to the demand.


Vaillant offers the first room-air independent wall-hung boiler with a fan. The room where the boiler is hanging no longer needs continuous positive ventilation. The oxygen required for combustion is drawn in from outside. New application technologies are possible.


Introduction of the Termoblock range with stainless steel heat-exchanger, continuous modulation (40-100%) and electronic ignition. These innovations result in longer working life, reduced consumption and comfortable operation of the equipment.


Vaillant sets new standards with the introduction of the low toxcitiy Thermoblock. Thi is the first fully mixing atmospheric burner with water cooling in the world.


Completion of the product range by solar thermal systems for heating drinking water. An initial important step in the expansion of the range of systems based on renewable energy sources.


Launch of the Vaillant Compact Unit range. The system combines the heating boiler and domestic hot water cylinder in a compact optimally-matched component group. This ensures efficient operation and simple installation.


Vaillant is the first company to start a Europe wide field testing programme for fuel-cell boilers called the 'Virtual Fuel Cell Power Plant'. 10 European partners participate in the project and it has a value of 8.6 million euros.


Vaillant sets the standard for remote monitoring and control of boilers, heat pumps and solar systems with the on-line communication sytem vrnetDialog. For the first time it is possible to monitor and adjust a heating system from afar.


Introduction of the oil-fired condensing boiler icoVIT with optimum energy utilisation and low toxcity combustion. This generation of equipment makes oil a real alternative to gas condensing technology from the point of view of emissions.


The production of their own air-water heat pumps means that Vaillant is extending the product range of systems for renewable energies. The Vaillant heat pump achieves winner status in consumer goods tests (Stiftung Warentest)


The entire ecoTEC range of domestic boilers is awarded the coveted which? Best buy award


Vaillant's world class research and development expertise comes to the fore as the innovative zeolite is launched. The entire ecoTEC range of domestic boiler is awarded the coveted which? Best buy award


The new generation of ecoTEC boilers was launched. The entire ecoTEC range of domestic boilers is awarded the coveted which? Best buy award


Vaillant's brand new range of large output Commercial boilers is launched. Vaillant launches the innovative aroTHERM hybrid system which automatically selects between the use of a domestic boiler and air to water heat pump to always provide cost effective heating and hot water.


The entire ecoTEC range of domestic boilers is awarded the Quiet Mark approval, making them the first heating technology product to recieve the accolade. Vaillant is also awarded the prestigious Superbrands title, joining other brands such as British Airways, Coca-Cola and Rolls Royce.

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